Why a Properly Targeted Cuss Word Can Be Healthy

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I don’t know where you stand on the cuss word spectrum.

There are some people who cuss a lot and are known for having dirty mouths.

“Play it fucking loud!” or “Shit, you filthy bastard.”

While there are others who don’t use any profanity.

Like everything in life, there is a healthy and unhealthy level to the use of profanity. 

I want to elaborate more on why I think the targeted use of profanity can be healthy.

What is the Purpose of Using Profanity

As human beings, we are highly emotional creatures. 

Emotions help us experience life fully and take necessary actions. 

They provide the ups and downs. The loving bliss and the fiery anger.

The expression of language in different degrees of energy is just the expression of emotions. 

It’s the energetic spice of life.

While using cuss words is definitely not necessary to express intense emotions, if they are used carefully and consciously I think they can have a positive effect on the expression of some of our deepest emotions. 

They can play a role in breaking down the mundane staleness that we get stuck in and open us up to a shared level of humanity that everyone experiences.

Due to this, I see the conscious use of profanity as playing a helpful role in the expression of emotion and as a tool to wake people up when it’s needed.

The Guy Next Door Who Cusses a Lot

If you’ve met someone or have a friend who swears often you will notice that most of the time they have no problem expressing their emotions.

They let things rip and most of the time they aren’t afraid to hold back.

This has pros and cons.

If you’re someone who doesn’t cuss at all and you spend time around someone like this it may actually feel good.

I think this is because if you’re someone who has a tendency to bottle up emotions and you are in the presence of someone who has no problem doing this then it helps you to relax and not care as much about your idea of what other people think.

The positive side of a person like this is that they usually have lower levels of anxiety and they allow other people to be real and open up around them.

The negative side of a person like this is that if the use of profanity goes overboard and they are cursing all the time without any regard towards other people then the profanity can be used just to disperse their negative emotion which becomes toxic and harmful. 

The Proper Guy Who Never Swears

On the other hand, there are people who never use any cuss words or profanity in their speech.

I think this is totally perfect as long as people who never use profanity can still feel and express their emotions in a healthy manner when needed.

When you meet people who are afraid to use a cuss word or who try to maintain a squeaky clean intellectual image it can often feel like you’re talking to a robot.

Conversations can seem stale, relationships can seem fake, and there can be a lack of energy and release into relaxation around them. 

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but this can often be the case around people who are very rigid and concerned about how they come off.

The positive to people like this is that they are most likely not going to disperse their toxic emotions on other people. The negative is that they may come off as very rigid and stale.

Why a Targeted Use of Profanity is Best

Basically, if you lean too much on either side of the profanity spectrum it can come with negative consequences.

If you cuss all the time you may have some emotional regulation problems or be causing a lot of toxicity towards other people. But you may also have a great level of energy and rawness.

If you’re more of the proper person who is worried about sounding good you may be pretty damn fake, boring, and robotic. You may have a hard time relating to the average person. You may also have a lot of suppressed emotion. But you are probably of high intellect and conscientious of other people which is great.

Personally, I think that targeted use of profanity and cuss words is the best approach. 

Too much and you become toxic. Never and you become fake.

I think the key lies in being able to recognize your emotions and consciously decide how to respond to the situation in the most appropriate manner. 

For example, you’re with some friends and they have been late to catch the train numerous times in the past. You’re sick of it.

It’s again starting to happen and you’re sensing that you might miss the train again and they are totally nonchalant about it. 

This time you feel the frustration boiling up inside you, you notice it, and you decide to harness that energy wisely to give them a healthy kick in the ass.

 “Guys, we are always late for the train. This won’t be happening again. Get your shit together, and lets fucking go!” 

This time they move along and you make it to the train station on time. 

The healthy use of profanity in this situation increased the energy in the room and got things moving. It was also used in a helpful manner even though it was stern. They just needed a little wake-up call to get things rolling!

While I don’t think cussing a lot is good, I do think if used wisely at the appropriate time swear words can have a beneficial impact in arousing energy, releasing tension, evoking humor, and bringing things back down to reality. 

This is as long as profanity is not used to harm other people or disperse toxic emotions. 

Concluding Thoughts

Well, there you have it. An article on my thoughts about the use of profanity. 

As someone who doesn’t cuss a lot, I do see the value in unleashing an F-bomb or shit sandwich every once in a while when it’s called for.  

It can wake you up and bring you back down to the reality of your experience. 

The key is in the wise and conscious use of emotionally charged cuss words.

They are powerful and you have to know how to harness this power skillfully or else harm can be done.

If you’re cussing at people because of your own emotional problems, then you need to get your shit together!

That’s toxic as fuck and very harmful.

But if you’re conscious and very targeted in your use of profanity to evoke humor, increase energy, and wake people up when necessary for a good purpose, then I see the value in a properly targeted cuss word. 

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